The Festival of Silence


Jul 20 – Feb 28
Ends in 2 days

Aparador Cuchilla
Calle Cozumel 81
Roma Norte

The Festival of Silence is presented as a proposal to activate a space that supports performance, video, text and new media works during the COVID-19 contingency. By using a public space located on Cozumel Street and Sonora Avenue in Mexico City, works are been exhibited individually in public cycles without audio that change with each passing week. Visitors who wish to avoid public gatherings can experience all the works from their car or through Instagram and YouTube while staying home.

This model opens a space in which both, artists and viewers can meet to establish new ways to relate and engage in ways different from the ones offered by white cubes, conventional spaces, and online viewing rooms.

The works that build up this selection will be transmitted individually and continuously in periods of seven days and over 24 weeks. They open a search for artistic statements that navigate within the theme of digitality, nature, exploitation and exclusion, between everyday realities and utopian concepts, creating a non-hierarchical experience in a public space with videos, images and performatic rituals using a television.

The Festival of Silence is a non-profit project by Oficina de Luz and the Nimda Foundation for Aparador Cuchilla and Aldo Chaparro Studio. It brings together projects by 25 artists from more than twelve countries, without the need of physically moving people or works.

A QR code has been painted on the pavement, which displays the work and the biography of the current artist on handheld devices when scanned. The space can be seen from a car, either by parking on Cozumel, or by driving through Sonora Ave.

Because of the sunlight's brightness and the orientation of the building, some of the works can be appreciated better from 7PM to 8AM.

— The Festival of Silence

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