Cristóbal Gracia

and a garden, the machinery of disbelief, and

Apr 17 – Jun 12

Pequod Co.
Calle Lancaster 29
By appointment

aving remained at its gateway for some time, two contrary emotions arose in me, fear and deseo*, fear to the dark and threatening grotto, deseo* to see if there were wondrous things inside of it,

a grotesque head and a putto de grotta, and the artifice of a stalagmite with a fountain well, and a garden diagram with a rustic work well of deseos*, product of a primitive separation, of a certain self-mutilation, induced by the very approximation of the real,

and deseos* flushed down the toilet, for the well is a vampire with schizia, and all blood is deseo*, all grass is flesh,

and the promise of deseo* and the currency of deseo*, for every promise is a debt,

and the diagram of a garden with a rustic work fountain of deseos*, and a garden, the machinery of disbelief, and the machinery that produces reality with the flux of pressured deseos*, and

*In Spanish, deseo is both desire and wish.

With a text by Paulina Ascencio Fuentes

Production coordination by Diana Mariani

Production by Panik, Óscar Garduño, Daniel Ugalde, Efren Rodríguez, Cindy’s Cents and Marco Antonio Castillo

A short documentary directed by Miguel Afif and produced by Juan Carlos Villalpando will be published

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