Carmen Serratos Chavarría

One Day, My Laughter Woke Me Up, The Next, My Tears

Apr 10 – May 2

Salón Silicón
Calle Minería 60
closed today

Some time ago, I was afraid of pricking myself while sewing, sometimes I do want to prick myself, but then I scare away that thought because it may come true.

These artworks are made of apparently insignificant moments, brought along from my daily life -some of them invisibly traumatic-, but their importance lies in the continuity, in the usual, in the habit that pierces, which is imposible to remove, the one that they imposed us with the pain of being hit with a belt -because “spare the rod, spoil the child”-, or in the delicacy of a dream that we cannot trace back to where it came from.

Sometimes living hurts, but one wants to continue living perhaps out of curiosity and hope that everything eventually will change. With a humorous tone, I clean away my worries and my sadness, i wipe away my tears with the sleeve of my sweatshirt.

In this first solo exhibition, I have brought along some of my Instagram hits. Most of them are common objects, sewn, vandalized, reconstructed and made up by me in my room. When one starts to see and think about an object for a long time, it reveals things that one did not see before, like in a state of hallucination due to fever. Perhaps it’s weariness, boredom or despair. I like working with these ordinary objects because they produce multiple meanings. Besides beautiful or terrible memories, they contain symbols that make us understand the world, but also oppress our chest and brain.

— Carmen Serratos Chavarría