Guided Tour

Patrick Hamilton

El Ladrillo
Guided Tour

Feb 26 – Feb 26

Galería RGR
Calle General Antonio León 48
San Miguel Chapultepec II Sección
By appointment

Galería RGR presents El ladrillo, an exhibition by Patrick Hamilton (Belgium, 1974). Hamilton reflects and inquiry the concepts of work, economy and history in the context of the last few decades in Chile – in particular of the period known as the post-dictatorship.

El ladrillo is a book of economic policy that set the guidelines of the free-market system implemented in Chile during the military dictatorship. The text was written at the beginning of the 1960s by a group of Chilean economists, alumni of the controverted Economics Nobel Prize Milton Friedman (1912-2006) at the University of Chicago, known as the “Chicago Boys”.

With the analysis of this book as departure point, Hamilton presents a series of works in which he employs elements from the field of construction and bricklaying like saws, gloves, bricks, and sandpaper in order to create –poetically– simple compositions.

— Galería RGR

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