Oso Parado

Spiritual Microdose

Apr 23 – May 8
Apr 23 – May 8

Calle Guanajuato 227
Roma Norte
By appointment

Nature has its own writing that seems to be veiled in each of the actions that is established from their relationship withhumans. It is known to exist, because it is experienced, it is lived and built as a code of difusing thinking, which many times we have agreed to ignore under the excuse of ignorance.

During his residency at MUSA, on the shores of Guerrero, Oso Parado delved into the experimentation of this “invisible writing”, bringing it to life through his interventions in space, as well as the exploration that hehas been doing for some time, where he allows organic elements, subjects and afects and live efects finish by completing those texts that he begins.

Although not everything is legible in this series, it asks the audience in this virtual age, what is worth reading?

— Loot

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