Anemoia – Nostalgia for a time you’ve never known

Virtual Critique Group (VCG)

Apr 30 – Jun 10

Paseo de la Reforma 408
By appointment

The selection of artwork here presented was born from a series of conversations and encounters from Virtual Critique Group (VCG), an online gathering of international artists looking to connect artists with other artists and their work. Through this exhibition, Paola Lopez brings together a series of pieces charged with memories and imaginaries, rituals and displacements, migration and travelling objects from artists across the world. Specifically: Colombia, India and Mexico. Anemoia, the title of the show, loosely quilts the work together through its reference to a yearning or desire which remains not quite accessible to us while still leaving room for the conceptual interpretation of each piece. The ritual gestures of Avantika Khanna or Cristina Umaña for instance, demonstrate how place and object are as capable of movement as Raúl De Lara’s installation from across political borders. Meanwhile, Enrique Argote Garza subtly reminds us of a crude socioeconomic reality while nonetheless conversing with the local objects curated by Irene Trujillo and Paola Lopez. In the very same space, Andrea Perales synthesizes personal memories of a time past with the global movement of goods and peoples through complex networks. While they remain stand-alone pieces, their coming together under the gallery microcosm suggests that there may be bridges capable of connecting the singular to the multiple, the lonely to the convivial and the known to the unknown. Thus, by reaching across the differences it presents and projecting outwards into what is foreign, Anemoia the exhibition, swiftly exceeds the limitations of anemoia the word. Anemoia – A desire to know more about the experiences of those foreign to oneself.


Artists: Andrea Perales, México Cristina Umaña, Colombia Irene Trujillo, Colombia Paola López, México Enrique Argote Garza, México Avantika Khanna, India Raúl de Lara, México

tel: 55 8151 1497
email: paolalopezpedroza@gmail.com