A veces las cosas funcionan por las razones equivocadas

Conversation with Darío Escobar and Daniel Garza-Usabiaga

Apr 12 – Apr 12

Galería RGR
Calle General Antonio León 48
San Miguel Chapultepec II Sección
today open 10:30 18:30

As part of the activities of EXPO CHGO ONLINE, there will be a conversation with the artist Darío Escobar and the curator Daniel Garza-Usabiaga, about Sometimes Things Work for the Wrong Reasons, currently on view at Galería RGR. Through Instagram Live.

The exhibition presents works that are part of the series Geometric Constructions and Modular Constructions, made from 2012. Through a formal and conceptual research, within the territory of the pictorial, the artist offers a critical and incisive reflection on geometric strategy. Escobar’s starting point is the Latin America’s “popular culture”, which dialogues with the "universal" geometric art history. From this encounter, some questions arise: How we can define “the cultured” and “the popular”? Who is in charge of defining them?